Your Travel Designer in Bassano Del Grappa and The Land of Venice

Wine tourism is definitely the best sport to practice in Veneto where you can visit wineries in Italy like nowhere else. Hundreds of producers are eager to let you taste their wine, hoping to sell you some few bottles to carry home.
One can spend the best moments of a holiday simply strolling by car,  gently,  towards the best Italian landscapes, searching for some “osteria” and wine producer, intentionally losing direction.

Some hints? Montello hill for reds, Asolo and Valdobbiadene for prosecco. The prosecco region, in fact is just a few kilometers away from Bassano and located around the cities of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, recently awarded UNESCO world heritage site, where the best Prosecco comes from and you can visit different wineries between the best of Italy. In the surroundings of our town, the best winery in Bassano is Villa Angarano, well deserving a visit and if you plan to stock up on Italian winee but cannot carry it with you in your flight, the winery will organise bulk shipping of multiple crates to your destination. A decent bottle of prosecco can cost around 5 euros here if you purchase in bulk, well below retail prices in the rest of the world and you might consider getting a few boxes shipped to your home country to give away to friends and relatives. Our supplier of choice is Rivalivei, where you will get the bang for the buck.

Interesting fact: in Venetian dialect, widely spoken in Veneto, a glass of wine is referred to as an “Ombra” literally meaning shadow, this because the construction workers building the bell tower of the main square in Venice used to take a break from the hard work sitting at the shadow of the campanile and sipping a glass of red wine, before coffee-breaks became a thing. If you are looking to visit wineries in Italy, the Veneto region is definitely the starting point: It is a running joke in Italy how Venetians are fond of their wine and grappa and every local you will encounter will be more than happy to socialise in front of a bottle of the “good one”. Remember to drink aware and don’t pass the 0,5 limit of alcohol allowed by Italian authorities for driving, equalling a couple glasses of wine.