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Best 10 Things to do in Bassano del Grappa

We’ve put together a bucket list of our favorite experiences and activities in Bassano that our town offers to tourists and locals. Share the ones you find out about at #aDayinBassano


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Cross the iconic wooden Bridge

Symbol of the city is the “Ponte Vecchio” or old bridge, crossing river Brenta. The bridge has been redesigned and fixed multiple times throughout history from its first appearance in the 13th century. The current structure carries the signature of visionary renaissance designer Andrea Palladio (1508 – 1580) and is made entirely of wood. It is renewed as an engineering masterpiece hard to replicate even with today’s technology.

Every visit to Bassano del Grappa usually starts with a promenade through the Ponte Vecchio, where tourists usually stop to take pictures at the breathtaking panorama on the mountains or to shop for craft products in the nearby shops, making a visit to this attraction one of the best things to do in Bassano.

Visit vintage Distilleries for the best Grappa

At the eastern end of the bridge, locals gather for happy hour at Nardini, Italy’s oldest distillery dating back to 1779 and still serving drinks in the retro atmosphere of the original laboratory. Here you are supposed to order a round of “mezzo e mezzo” which is the bitter house specialty, or an “acqua di Cedro” or cider water, besides the extensive spirits options. A few steps ahead, Nardini’s competitor Poli has its free entry Grappa Museum where you can smell and test virtually unlimited Grappa kinds.

Taste the best pizzetta you’ll ever try

In the colonnade between the two main piazzas, the Beltrame family runs its “Bottega del Pane”. In this vintage bakery, every product is of outstanding quality, but it is because of its iconic “pizzetta”, or tiny pizza, that the shop attracts costumers from Bassano and the surrounding towns.
The ingredients that make this Italian street food so irresistible are kept secret, what is well knows is that in very little time you will become addicted to it and the staff will start knowing you by your name.

Bassano nightlife, bars and pubs

Bassano’s nightlife is vibrant and lively and the city offers interesting going out options for audiences of all ages and preferences. Various bars and hangouts are scattered all over the historical center and offer unique experiences in curated contexts. Recently opened Palazzo delle Misture, for example, builds a consistent fin-de-siecle vibe by matching the retro design of the interiors with exotic cocktails inspired by last century’s cultural avant-garde, Leon bar, on the other hand, is the go-to bar for starting your nights out in Bassano. Osterias, beer gardens, and trendy spots are valid options. As usual, asking the locals recommendations on what’s going on tonight is the best thing to do in Bassano’s evening.

Open air cinema at the Parolini Gardens

The Parolini Gardens are a botanical park and public green space given to the city by its nineteenth-century nobility. They are now the theater of the traditional summertime cinema festival part of the Opera Estate program, where a series of selected movies from renowned and emerging directors are shown in this amazing natural environment. If you already understand some Italian and are looking for chances to improve your language skills, a movie in the garden is definitely the best thing to do in Bassano.

Buy Italian food and Fashion

In Bassano del Grappa and its surroundings you can find a variety of boutiques with design and signature clothing items, as well as grocery shops where to buy the best of Italian food products only available here. If the weather is not collaborative, a 5 minutes taxi ride will take you to the newly opened Grifone Mall: the city’s shopping center where you can spend the afternoon and buy souvenirs

Discover the Veneto region and its nature

Did you know that this area is Europe’s best for paragliding? A few minutes of a drive outside of the city center will allow you to visit the beautiful region, including Mount Grappa, which from its 1775 meters above sea level offers moon-like landscapes, untouched nature and traditional high altitude inns serving homemade cheese and cold cuts. If you like spending some time in retreat in the mountains, to rent a cabin in Italy and go hiking might be the best thing to do. In Bassano and its surroundings, one can truly enjoy nature and some of the best outdoor experiences in the country.

Veneto is one of the most unique regions of Italy, it spreads between the mountain peaks of the Alps to the Venice lagoon offering diverse landscapes and a multitude of national parks and natural attractions. Bassano del Grappa is located just a short ride away from major skiing resorts such as Cortina and San Martino di Castrozza which makes it a great starting point for any skiing trip in Italy.



Visit wineries and discover Italy’s wine culture

Wine tourism is definitely the best sport to practice in Veneto. Hundreds of producers are eager to let you taste their wine, hoping to sell you some few bottles to carry home.
One can spend the best moments of a holiday simply strolling by car,  gently,  towards the best Italian landscapes, searching for some “osteria” and wine producer, intentionally losing direction.
Some hints? Montello hill for reds, Asolo and Valdobbiadene for prosecco.

Take day trips to Italian art cities

The train station allows you to visit other Italian cities in all comfort. Located in a strategical position, Bassano is just on hour away from Venice and Vincenza, reasonable train changes will get you to Verona, Milan, Bologna, you name it. Staying in this town enables you to visit all of Italy’s northeast without too much planning: Just wake up early and decide where you want to go. If you are looking for inspiration, check the website www.veneto360.land

Warp time at “Relais nel Castello” flat in the medieval tower

The Ezzelini castle carries the name of the powerful family that used to rule the city and its surrounding lands during medieval times, the walls of the castle and its tower are still part of the city today.

If you are looking to rent an apartment in Bassano del Grappa you should consider staying in this tower for an unique, time warping experience: at “Relais nel Castello” you find a unique apartment embedded in a middle age castle. The flat has design interiors and a stunning view of the mountains from the tiny windows. We are confident staying there will be the cherry on the cake of your holiday

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