Your Travel Designer in Bassano Del Grappa and The Land of Venice

Looking upon the Italian town of Bassano, the majestic Monte Grappa mountain chain offers breathtaking views…
The mountain, towering from its 1700 meters on sea level, is a hotspot for active tourism attracting paragliding, cycling and hiking enthusiasts that choose this corner of Northern Italy for a healthy and sustainable holiday in contact with nature.

The mountain offers landscapes from another planet and is topped by a monumental compound remembering the fallen of world war one: Monte Grappa was in fact a key point of interest in the conflict that decided the fate of the newly born Italian state, back then opposing the Austro-Hungarian empire, so much as it was featured in the popular videogame series “Battlefield”.

Today, despite trenches and defensive structures still being visible, Monte Grappa is a very peaceful place and its visitors dwell inn visiting the “Malghe”, or mountain inns serving wine, cheese and cold cuts, locally produced according to the finest tradition.

Cows are brought in altitude during the summer and freely roam the mountain eating herbs and weeds that grow only here and which taste goes in the milk: the mountain’s “Morlacco” cheese is therefore a unique delicacy that cannot be bough in stores but only enjoyed up here, with a glass of good wine.

If you love nature and look for a relaxing holiday in the fresh air of the Italian mountains, a visit to Mount Grappa can be the right treat for you.

Baita Orizzonti is a cosy cabin built in 1964 and recently renovated, offering its guest a stunning view on the land of Venice from its 800 meters on sea level altitude, now for rent at this link.

This classy chalets is equipped with all comforts to welcome groups up to 5 guests and allow them to create the best memories immersed in the nature of the Monte Grappa chain, while comfortably located at a 15 minutes drive from the close villages of Cavaso and Possagno. Travelers book a stay here to enjoying hiking in the mountains that used to be theater of the first world war, and now reunite formerly warring nations in the common stunning nature of the European Alps.

This is the ideal place to wind-down and relax, allow oneself a gentle time of simple enjoyment away from stress and learn to live in sustainability, according to nature’s times and rythms.

Reading a good book and enjoying time with loved ones at the fireplace in winter, or sunbathing and grilling in the summer, every season is a good one to start exploring this Veneto region before mass tourism floods this off the beaten path destinations.

The panorama is definitely the main attraction of this mountain cabin, on days with a good visibility guest can view the Venice lagoon, and at night the starry sky and lightshow below is something you and you travel companions won’t ever forget.