Your Travel Designer in Bassano Del Grappa and The Land of Venice

Shopping in Bassano del Grappa and its surroundings you can find a variety of boutiques with design and signature clothing items, as well as grocery shops where to buy the best of Italian food products only available here. Various stores are to be located in the city center, according to Italy’s tradition of preferring street retail outlets over big malls, and unique, single store boutiques over large chains with thousands of stores. Shopping in Bassano is interesting for trendspotters and fashionistas looking for the latest Italian fashion items, which can be purchased at high-end store Cenere, famous for its avantgardish windows, or its competitor Sear’s, selecting the best clothes including the ones from local star designers such as Italian shirt manufacturer Xacus.

For unique, local souvenirs and music records, dischi ponte is the best place, starting as a vynil shop, the store located on the western bank of the wooden bridge sells item branded with the Alpini, the city’s iconic mountain fighters of WWI, including the Bialetti moka express Alpina coffee maker.

If the weather is not collaborative, a 5 minutes taxi ride will take you to the newly opened Grifone Mall: the city’s shopping center where you can spend the afternoon and buy souvenirs. Grifone includes a large underground parking and a selection of stores including a grocery hypermarket, tech and home appliances store MediaWorld and affordable fashion, cosmetics and Pret-a-porter shops.

A trip to Italy, however, should include at least a visit to a grocery retailer. In Italian supermarkets you can find the most qualitative food items that the demanding Italian consumers put on their tables every day: shopping in Bassano is the chance to get your hands on the best coffee, wine, pasta, cold cuts, cheese and a variety of other foods rarely distributed elsewhere, to surprise your friends back home. Italy’s most renowned supermarkets chains are Coop and Conad. Our recommendation is to go for some prosciutto with local breadsticks from brand Bibanesi. If you are based in a vacation rental equipped with kitchen, you might consider cooking some cannelloni with cottage cheese and spinach.