Your Travel Designer in Bassano Del Grappa and The Land of Venice

All year around there are many events in Bassano, thee city attracts people from all of the nearby towns as it offers a rich programs in terms of entertainment, culture, business and lifestyle. As the case in many Italian cities, the museums in Bassano are many: the ideal way to visit them with a discount is by using the card from Area Arte, granting discounts in shops and restaurants in the whole region too and delivered for free to the guest of Bassano’s best Airbnb’s. on Area Arte website you find a useful list of the running art events not to miss at the link:

Events in Bassano also include musical ones, such as AMA Music Festival which attracts some of Italy’s best and most famous performs in three days of open air festival in September. For culture, the best events in Bassano are the ones in the program of Opera Estate Festival, including theather, dance, performances, literature and open debates with the country’s best thought-leaders and influncers in different spheres

The Parolini Gardens are a botanical park and public green space given to the city by its nineteenth-century nobility. They are now set of the traditional summertime cinema festival events in Bassano, part of the Opera Estate program, where a series of selected movies from renowned and emerging directors are shown in this amazing natural environment. If you already understand some Italian and are looking for chances to improve your language skills, a movie in the garden is definitely the best thing to do in Bassano.

Other events in Bassano are scheduled around the year ranging from motorsports, to street food, biking and outdoor sports and all sorts of gigs and happening in every niche. Every wednesday of the month of July, the city hosts a “notte bianca” or white night, a format popular in many Italian cities where shops remain open until late in the evening and the municipality organises shows and performances in the streets