Your Travel Designer in Bassano Del Grappa and The Land of Venice
night panorama of bridge in bassano del grappa near Venice Italy

Bassano nightlife is vibrant and lively and the city offers interesting going out options for audiences of all ages and preferences. Various bars and hangouts are scattered all over the historical center and offer unique experiences in curated context in the best Italian tradition. Recently opened Palazzo delle Misture, for example, builds a consistent fin-de-siecle vibe by matching the retro design of the interiors with exotic cocktails inspired by last century’s cultural avant-garde. For 20 and 30 somethings, King of Bassano  nightlife Leon bar, on the other hand, is the go-to bar for starting your nights out in Bassano. Officina del Gusto is the bar of choice of Bassano nightlife indie and hipsters. Osterias, beer gardens, and trendy spots are valid options. As usual, asking the locals recommendations on what’s going on tonight is the best things to do in Bassano‘s evening.

In regards of restaurant, the nightlife of Bassano also has much to offer, with options ranging from experimental fusion joints such as, our personal best restaurant in Bassano Del Grappa, HisYou, (Maybe not the most typical restaurant in town, but the experience of eating sashimi cuts on a buffalo mozzarella base is not to miss. Sicilian red shrimps and the iconic chilly prawns are also good choices.). to more traditional Italian restaurants like Ottone and fresh, hip eateries like Nardini Garage. Finding  good restaurants in Bassano is not hard: there are virtually no tourist traps, quality of food is in generally high and even the surrounding towns have interesting restaurants to offer, such as industrial-style space Habitat Bistrot.

For those looking for some extra luxury fine dining experience, l’Impronta restaurant might be the fanciest in town, with its curated interiors and top-notch experience.

When going out in Italy, remember that the maximum limit of alcohol concentration in blood for driving is 0,5 and police might perform checks resulting in fines. At any rate, after your nights out avoid driving after drinking. The best option is to find a comfortable accommodation in the center of Bassano  such as Relais nel Castello, and roam the city by foot without too much worry.