Your Travel Designer in Bassano Del Grappa and The Land of Venice
Bassano del grappa town near Venice bridge and attractions

The bridge in Bassano del Grappa is the symbol of the city: the “Ponte Vecchio” or old bridge, crossing river Brenta is thee town’s main attraction and center of the old town. The bridge has been redesigned and fixed multiple times throughout history from its first appearance in the 13th century. The current structure of the old bridge in Bassano (a newer one crosses the river in the south) carries the signature of visionary renaissance designer Andrea Palladio (1508 – 1580) and is made entirely of wood. It is renewed as an engineering masterpiece hard to replicate even with today’s technology. In fact, in recent years the structure has undergone many restorations and construction companies faced difficulties in reproducing the original design.

The Bassano Bridge is also particularly relevant in Italian history, as it was crossed by the country’s Alpini corp, specialized in mountain warfare during War War 1, before reaching the front in the 1915-1918 war against the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Bassano bridge was also blown out during the second World War by the resistance, which carried in Bassano many actions.

Every visit to Bassano del Grappa usually starts with a promenade through the Ponte Vecchio, where tourists usually stop to take pictures at the breathtaking panorama on the mountains or to shop for craft products in the nearby shops, making a visit to this attraction one of the best things to do in Bassano. The view is really amazing and changes according to the light in different seasons and times of the day, making Bassano bridge the ideal spot for creators and photographers wanting to take the perfect shot of this city.