Your Travel Designer in Bassano Del Grappa and The Land of Venice


Going from Bassano to Venice is easy and hassle free: the train station allows you to visit virtually all Italian cities in all comfort and trains from Bassano to Venice and from Venice to Bassano go every hour according to this schedule. Venice is a must see for tourists, but the city is relatively small and can be visited in a day, therefore savvy travelers choose to be based in more affordable places and travel from Bassano to Venice in a day trip, comfortably by train as the city with canals instead of streets is not ideal for cars and parking is extremely expensive. Italian railway company Trenitalia serves their purposes well with a consistent schedule of train connections from and to Bassano’s railway station. When in Venice don’t forget to visit the exotic Jewish ghetto district, slightly less overcrowded and therefore feeling more “genuine” and eat on the canal banks at affordably priced Kosher restaurant Gam Gam (try the deep-fried artichokes). For a memorable fine-dining experience, take your travel companions to the exclusive muro restaurants.

After going from Bassano to Venice, you should consider visiting other Italian art cities which you can easily reach from Bassano’s strategic position: Padua with its impressive Basilica dedicated to saint Anthony, Vicenza with the masterpieces of Andrea Palladio, the lovely city of Treviso, from which airport you can travel for cheap everywhere in Europe are the closest. If you are looking for inspiration, check the website

Outside of the Veneto region, Italy’s North-Est develops north, in the mountain region of Trentino-Alto Adige, including its northmost, german speaking province of South Tyrol, where Austrian culture is predominant and you can visit the best Christmas markets in the cities of Bolzano and Merano. Travelling eastbound the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia features the cities of Udine and beautiful Trieste, where Italian, Austrian and Eastern European cultures blend together in a mix of architectures, tastes, languages and traditions in Italy’s eastern city at the Adriatic sea.

Bassano is the ideal base for exploring many Italian cities off the beaten path, taking the trains from Bassano to Venice or simply renting a car will grant you the mobility to travel some of Europe’s most interesting towns besides mainstream Florence Rome or Milan.